Stephen Gregg, MBA

Stephen Gregg is an accomplished marketing and public relations leader. He is versed in creating and implementing strategic marketing and public relations campaigns; creative and branding; digital marketing strategies including SEO, website design and development; publicity, and local government and community relations.  

Working with clients around the U.S., Stephen enjoys the challenge of creating custom marketing solutions designed to help clients solve their unique pain points and deliver results. With more than 15 years of agency experience under his belt, Stephen founded Resin Creative in 2017 with the belief that relationships matter. He focuses on creating lasting relationships and honing in on each client’s specific goals, staying true to what’s important to each client, and ensuring he and his team are a valuable extension of the client’s organization. Resin Creative clients span the healthcare, real estate and land use, beauty, consumer packaged goods, self-defense, and mobile technology spaces. 

Prior to founding Resin Creative, Stephen honed his craft in client-facing roles at both public relations and marketing agencies in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA. 

A native of Southern California, Stephen received his Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Public Relations from California State University, Fullerton and a Master of Business Administration from Concordia University, Irvine. He is an Eagle Scout and volunteers with the National Eagle Scout Association.

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